live acoustic in Sumy

by Make Like a Tree

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Write me a letter in lines of overlying planes Send me your new song with postman Mr. Ocean You whisper on my windowsill when it’s raining cats and dogs Tell me where have you been since time your doors had been locked away? Your gallery’s full of light and hot green tea Your eyes and windows are looking towards sea No news no footsteps your radio keeps silence You made your bee-line somewhere Max to somewhere islands They say You turned into a whale You’ve sailed So far away
Куда уходит ночь? Я даже не успел Сосчитать и трети звезд На ее теле. В нашей постели Горит последний мост, Соединяя Две бездны без края. Не забывай меня - Молчи меня, молчи меня, Кричи меня по имени. Я твой северный полюс, Я твой внутренний голос, Пусть ведет тебя компас Твоей души. Напиши Все свои хоку На амальгаме Утренних окон, Играй все свои гаммы Играй пока мы тут. Мой друг, Будешь ли ты со мной, Этой весной? Мой друг, Станешь ли ты огнем, Чтобы обнять меня, Чтобы согреть меня в нем? Мой друг, Давай построим Теплое иглу На берегу моря. Мой друг, Давай объявим войну Против тысячных сумм, Встречай эту весну На моем берегу.
Ocean 06:16
Everything turned red Only you keep your color Everything turned wet Clouds are your towel You are with your friends Bears woods and high mountains I’m in love with you What will you tell about this? Chorus: Tell me why? Why do you wave me, Why do you wave me like an ocean? Tell me why? Why do you make me, Do you make me feel lonely? I tried to catch you, catch you, I tried to get you, get you, But I’ve got nothing, but I’ve got nothing at all. Everything is in time After first goes second round If you want to climb up high First you need to fall down You are with your friends Bears woods and high mountains I’m in love with you What will you tell about this?
Seashore 07:41
She waits you on the seashore Spinning clouds in her hair If I could turn to be your boat I would save you from tidal wave She waits you on the seashore Sending prayers to my gods If I could be your holy fisherman I would catch you on my bait Chorus Run, run, run, run Through my lungs, lungs, lungs, lungs In my heart, heart, heart, heart You’ll find love, love, love All these rivers of love Can take you higher, higher All these roads of love Will take you higher, higher
What if 06:55
What if I was a raindrop In a cold November rain? I would fall on a map of your window One thousand yeas ago. What if was a first snow On a weekend holidays? I would take a sit on your balcony To be a witness of your breathe. What if I was a rainbow On a monochrome photograph? I would shine like a lantern On your love. Chorus Take me out again Like a goldfish from your sea. Be my holy fisherman Be just everything that you can be.
Make like a tree – paradox of time How far from you Are roads that I’m walking through Can you hear my heart playing blues How deep from your Lays drum that I’m beating to I’ve got so many hugs for you What should I do when I know? Life been a cheap circus show Someone played my role Where I’m I love What should I do when I find Pictures of him in your mind Pictures of him in your eyes I will pray for you God save my love God save my love God save my love God save my love
I’m like a mountain You’re like a rain Autumn came to our downtown Be my airplane I feel so good When I breathe your hair God is reading a book Sitting in a kitchen chair I’m your taxi Be my holy passenger Your voice in my playlist Singing of what you don’t care Radio is singing With chords of your voice God must be thinking It’s a love it’s a love I’ll cook you my feelings Coffee with marzipans Sun shines under the ceiling Warms up our lands
L'hirondelle 06:11
Can you feel? Can you feel Light breeze on your wings? We are so close, we are so near Can you hear My voice in a peaks of bamboo trees? Lay down, Lay down as dust On a bottom of our town. We dug caves in one other souls, We found treasures we found gold We became self measures of love. Put on your wizard head Like in the day we met Sing me your songs that’s About monsters in your head I follow your swallow Just keep the lights on Just keep the lights on “Je chante tu es plus belle que l'hirondelle je t'aimerai pour la vie J'ai trouvé le bonheur dans la paix de ton coeur Je chante tu es plus belle que l'hirondelle tu as changé ma vie J'ai trouvé la joie dans la paix de ton coeur”(Patrick Normand)
Tulaviorum 05:18
Make like a tree - tulaviorum Tu va tulaviorum Tu va Sentaviorum Ste te sein ran tu shee Tu ve qi sei ran tu la U wa sei ran tu ras Tu va tulaviorum Tu va tulaviorum Tu va tulaviorum Tu va Sentaviorum Tu va tulaviorum Tu va


These songs were recordered during a mysterious snowfall that we could witness from one of the windows in Sumy @ Gvozd 24.03.2013

Vocals, guitar - Sergey
Cello - Sonya
Guitar - Rustam
Vibrophone, flexitone - Alina
Percussion, glekenspiel - Artem


released March 24, 2013


all rights reserved



Make Like a Tree Ukraine

Make Like a Tree is a quintessention of travels expressed in music and photography created by Sergey Onischenko - vagabonder from Ukraine who is hitch-hiking round the world and spreading his indie-folk tunes with a touch of non-conformism and Beat Generation ideas.

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