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    Includes unlimited streaming of Animal via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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this album is recordered during my 2,5 years of travels through 13 countries
most of the songs are composed in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia. Russia and Ukraine

Make Like a Tree is a representation of travels expressed in music and photography created by Sergey Onischenko, a wanderer from Ukraine who has been hitchhiking around the world spreading his indie-folk tunes with a touch of non-conformism and Beat Generation ideas whilst exhibiting his minimalistic landscape photography along the way.

Each concert is played with new members and all songs are created and recorded in different parts of the world. Experiments with sounds and collaborations with the audience can turn this one-man-band into a duo or into quite a large improvising ensemble. The soundscapes of Make Like a Tree will bring you to an inner world of nature, woods, mountains and windswept tropical beaches and the sense of freedom that comes with life on the road.

The Animal album is a result of Sergey’s two and a half year hitchhiking journey through 13 countries from Ukraine to New Zealand. In June 2013 he left his hometown Kharkiv in Ukraine with his guitar in hand and headed to the East chasing the rising sun. It was the beginning of a vagabond trip that he had always dreamed about. Since then he’s done about 250 gigs in around 200 cities in Russia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Lao, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. In late 2015 he will be touring Russia and Ukraine to promote the release of his new album with touring plans for Europe and who knows where else in 2016.

Sergey started giving a birth to this album when he made a stop in Bali and recorded three songs in his DIY studio that he set up in bungalow near the ocean where he was living. Three other songs were recorded in Auckland, New Zealand at the MAINZ studio with the help of his friend Mike McMinn who also mixed half of the songs and mastered the whole album. The last two songs were made in collaboration with Cosmic Setter (Russia), Compact Substance (Ukraine) and Anna Denisova (Ukraine). Overall the album is surprisingly cohesive and Sergey’s breathy understated vocals over minimal acoustic arrangements (with the exception of the last two electronic-infused tracks) are sometimes reminiscent of early Iron and Wine or Bon Iver.

“I have been to many places and I have seen many people. I realized that places do not matter – but people are everything. Every single person who I met on my way put a drop of inspiration in my soul and as a result – these songs became mirrors that reflect stories and faces. Take a closer look and you might find yourself in one of the songs.” Sergey Onischenko (Make Like a Tree).

released December 3, 2015 on Monkeyrecords

acoustic alternative ukraine world acoustic guitar alternative electronic folk indie indie folk pop singer-songwriter Berlin


released December 3, 2015


1 - trumpet - Fred Roudet ( France), 4 - cello - Baptiste Sejourne (France), 5 - clarinet - Yuvensius Donny Hermawan (Indonesia), 7 - music, vox, lyrics - The Cosmic Setter (Russia), 8 - music - Compact Substance(Ukraine), vox Anna Denisova (Ukraine), lyrics - Marcus Aurelius

All other instruments and vocals by Sergey Onischenko

Cover artwork by Olga Melnikova

Recording 1,4,5,8 - Make Like a Tree, 2,3,6 - Mike McMinn, 7 - Cosmic Setter

Mastering by Mike McMinn (New Zealand)



all rights reserved


Make Like a Tree Ukraine

Make Like a Tree is one man musical traveling project.
All songs are recordered in different places of the world inspired by meeting with musicians who play in dissimilar music styles.

While one man was traveling
The seed of a tree fell into his heart
It grew up
And reached God...

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Track Name: Happy B song
Make Like a Tree – Happy B song

I’m getting closer
To his gardens
With every second
With every hour

Tell my mother
Time has swallowed me
With It's sands
With It's sands

I'm lost
I'm lost
between the watch hands

We've got no time left x3
We were born already dead
Don't even give a try x3
Pretend that you're alive

Run away from your house
Can't you see that it is burning now
We are ashes in town
cause time is fire

This happy b song
For you and me son
To remind us
That we won't stay for too long
I'm ripe
Getting rotten
warm of time
Eating me from inside
Track Name: Привет океан
Давай оставим
Открытыми краны
И нас унесееет
И нас унесеет
К краю землии
Мы корабли
В объятьях сирокко
В объятьях сирокко
Привет океан
Пролитые чернила
Из наших ран
Вынырнут киты
Из наших ран

Души капитанов
Согреты куросио
Залегли на дноооо
Залегли на дно
А Юнга видит сны
Не закрывая глаз
Про то как я и ты
В последний раз
В последний раз
Track Name: Future friends
Make Like a Tree - Future friends

It’s cold enough to hide
In somebody’s warm house
I hope you don’t mind
Opening the door

My Future friends
My possible lovers
Keep a space For me in your arms
Im on my way
Im on my way

Everything starts now
He is secretly around
In every wall
In eversound
Nothing else nothing else around me
Nothing else nothing else around me
Ooo only your
Ooo only your
Surronds me
Track Name: Animal
Im an animal
Locked in the cage of bones
My body got a name
What about my soul?

Im made of instincts
Im made of mud
Im food for insects
Im fart of God

I’m sleeping I’m sleeping
Is there’s anyone to wake me up
The ground I’m beating now
Soon will give me eternal hug

I’m a deer in the woods
I’m a man wearing black suite
I’m a creature from the sea
I’m the one inside you and me

I’m an animal
I’m an animal
I’m an animal
Life is a hunter
Chasing everyone
Chasing everyone
Chasing everyone
With it’s gun
Track Name: My grandma
My grandma take your guns
And make all bad boys run
My grandma take your guitar
And sing me your old hippie song
She is counting wales
From her balcony
She breathe Pacific waves

Can you feel that I?
Can you feel that I’m a part of you?
I’m a part of you
Track Name: Letters to Marcus Aurelius
Make Like a Tree – Letters to Marcus Aurelius

Despise not death,
But welcome it,
For nature wills
It’s like all else.

(Marcus Aurelius)